Mitt Romney: GOP Waiting Room

Here’s another good ad. It’s an obvious poke at the “inevitability” claim made by many about Governor Romney’s candidacy. I won’t go into the many other problems with Mitt Romney, but it’s fair to say that this ad at least touches on one of them, and does so in a lighthearted, yet cute fashion.
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Hank The Cat For Senate

I always love it when people make fun of politicians through parodies and satire. Hank the Cat announced his candidacy for Sen. James Webb’s (D) vacant U.S. Senate seat in January. He is running against former Virginia Govs. George Allen (R) and Tim Kaine (D) on a platform of job creation and economic growth.
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“Great” by American Crossroads

Well, American Crossroads released another great ad today. Although, I must admit that I still think that Democrats Anonymous is my favorite, the new ad, titled “Great”, compares some of President Obama’s own words to his record to see if they match up. As usually seems to be the case, there is a stark contrast between the claims coming out of the White House and reality.

As I understand it, this is the first in a series of ads intended to highlight President Obama’s “accomplishments”. Should prove to be interesting…


+Kevin A. Nye