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Hank The Cat For Senate

Hank The Cat

I always love it when people make fun of politicians through parodies and satire. Hank the Cat announced his candidacy for Sen. James Webb’s (D) vacant U.S. Senate seat in January. He is running against former Virginia Govs. George Allen (R) and Tim Kaine (D) on a platform of job creation and economic growth.

Watch the most recent campaign videos below. You can read more about Hank’s campaign at


+Kevin A. Nye

Of course, just like any political candidate, Hank the Cat has his detractors as well. It seems that the Canines for a Feline Free Tomorrow Super PAC has it out for Hank and is embarking on a negative advertising blitz to keep Hank from winning election to the Senate. There is no word yet on which candidate CFFT Super PAC does support.

Full Text of Ad:

Hank wants your vote for Senate, but what do you really know about Hank?

Hank has never released his birth certificate, his tax returns, and has never responded to allegations of catnip use. He says he’s gone to the vet, but there is no record of him serving in any military branch. Would Hank force females to undergo an ultrasound before being spayed? And should a Maine Coon really be running for Senate in Virginia?

We need more facts and fewer fat cats in Washington.

Paid for by Canines for a Feline Free Tomorrow Super PAC

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