Custom Telecaster Project

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Well, it’s finally all done. It took about six weeks total, from start to finish, but it was worth it. Not only did it come out pretty well, but it was also a bit of a learning experience. I’ll do a few things differently on the next one, but nothing major, which I suppose is probably a good sign. Press the play button below to hear a demo track, which was recorded using the Telecaster on all of the guitar parts.

Go here to see pictures of the construction process.

So here is my latest inspiration. I decided to build my own custom Telecaster to add to the collection. After finding a very nicely made body on eBay, I bought it (for a song, I might add) and went about designing the guitar and chasing down the components. It will take around 3-4 weeks to complete, and I will be taking pictures as I go to document the individual stages.

The body is made by a Canadian guitar maker. It’s a two piece, solid basswood body with a nicely flamed, bookmatched 1/4″ maple top. It’s very well made and should look quite nice when complete. At the moment, I’m planning to finish it in a translucent Vintage Amber topped with a glossy nitrocellulose laquer (although this may change as time moves along). I’ll also be adding a cream edge binding and a white abalone mother of pearl inlay for the edge purfling.

It will be paired with a Mighty Mite solid maple neck, to which I’m going to add a custom headstock logo (similar to the one at the top of the page).

Hardware? Well, what can you say? I’m going with the classic standby of chrome nickel and there will absolutely in no way shape or form be a stupid plastic pickguard (God, I hate those things with a passion) to obstruct the view of the beautiful maple top.

Electronics will be nothing other than EMG active pickups, potentiometers and switch. (Is there really any other choice?)

When finished, it should have a classic, yet unique look. More importantly, the light, solid body combined with the EMGs will make it growl like a $10 Thai hooker.

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