New Mitt Romney Logos

Campaign 2012 (C-Span)

Mitt Romney LogoWell, you know I’m bored when I start playing around with logos. Until now, I’ve resisted the urge to be critical of Governor Romney. Not because I’m a fan, but simply because I don’t care for the dirty politics. Candidates should run on why they are the best choice, not on how they’re better than the other guy. I like that Speaker Gingrich ran his campaign that way until Iowa.

Since being assailed by millions of dollars of Romney ads, he has unfortunately had no choice but to go on the offensive. I don’t like it, but I don’t blame him either.

The Romney campaign is precisely what is wrong with politics. He can’t really run on his record, since it casts doubt on his “conservative” claims, so his entire strategy is to distort facts and historical record to destroy the other candidates, primarily Gingrich. On a side note, isn’t it interesting that Romney’s campaign mirrors that of President Obama? Same strategy. My record sucks, so I’ll trash my opponent.

This is why I’ve come to dislike Romney more and more. Yes, I’m a Gingrich supporter. Yes, I’m aware that by no means is he perfect. Many of his statements are out there and not always popular, but at least you know that he tells it like it is. Many have attempted to paint him as a corrupt insider, even though there is ample evidence to the contrary.

I am also, however, acutely aware that Romney is nothing but a phony politician that will say anything to get elected, as he is proving more and more every day with his cheap attack ads. He’s John McCain 2.0. How did that work out? Do we really want to settle for a milquetoast candidate in a pathetic, status quo compromise because we’re so scared of fighting for our principles? We already ran a “lesser of two evils” candidate and we got our asses kicked. Romney is more of the same.

For those reasons and more, I decided to have a little fun at the Governor’s expense (the last two are my personal favorites). Enjoy.


+Kevin A. Nye

I'm A Conservative Now.

I'm A Conservative. Really.

More Conservative Every Day.

Conservatism Is Relative.

Believing Whatever You Do.

Believe In What I Tell You.

That Wasn't My Ad.

Issues Are Overrated.

I'm Running For Office.

Running For President Since 2007.

RomneyCare Good. ObamaCare Bad.

If You Believe, So Will I.

Settle For The Best.

Ann Coulter Loves Me Now.

John McCain Loves Me Now.

John McCain 2.0

My Hope & Change Is Better.

The Best Hair Of The GOP.

Truth Is Relative.

The New Face Of The GOP.

Because Newt Sucks.

Supporters Needed. Apply Today.

Logos above are not official logos of the Romney campaign. If you hadn’t already figured that out, vote for Mitt.

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