Newt Gingrich Ad Highlights South Carolina Debate Performance

After a fantastic performance in the GOP Primary Debate last night in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the Newt Gingrich campaign released the ad below. This ad highlights one of the many memorable moments from the debate. The former Speaker of the House brought the crowd to its feet in a rare standing ovation with his response to a question from Fox News’ Juan Williams regarding Gingrich’s prior statements about offering poor students job opportunities at their schools.

Gingrich’s showing in the debate was reminiscent of his performances leading up to the Iowa Caucus that propelled his candidacy from relative obscurity to leading most major national polls. If he can follow up with an equally impressive performance in Thursday night’s CNN/Southern Republican Leadership Conference debate, it is entirely possible that we will see Speaker Gingrich pass former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to win the South Carolina Primary on Saturday night.


+Kevin A. Nye

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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