Newt Gingrich On Keystone XL Pipeline

Trans Alaska Pipeline

Trans Alaska PipelineWith this morning’s news that President Obama will likely reject the Keystone XL Pipeline permit, I thought posting the video below would be appropriate. I find it interesting that the logic used to reject the proposal is fundamentally flawed, yet some are so entrenched in their opposition that they fail to see the obvious.

First, the pipeline project has been thoroughly reviewed for a number of years, yet opponents say that there “isn’t time to study it”. The only piece that hasn’t been reviewed is the Nebraska route, but that’s just a formality since both parties have already agreed to find an alternate route, so it shouldn’t hold up the approval. The Nebraska route can easily be addressed on a “design-build” basis.

Second, the Canadians have already stated that if Keystone XL isn’t approved, they’ll build a pipeline to the west coast so that they can sell the oil to China. They are obviously not going to stop production of the oil sands, so the oil will still be extracted, sold and used. If the environmentalists are really concerned about protecting the environment, wouldn’t they rather the oil come to the United States, which has much stricter environmental laws than China?

Of course, there are other significant implications as well that Gingrich points out in the video below.


+Kevin A. Nye

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