Small Business Consulting Services

My name is Kevin A. Nye and I am a client-focused consultant, advisor, and strategist. I provide small business consulting services throughout Southern California, parts of Arizona and Nevada and nationally (on a remote basis). I have a broad range of experience to help you improve all areas of your business.

Areas of Expertise

Some of my areas of expertise include:


Strategic Planning, Business Models, Business Plans, Acquisitions, Exit Planning


Process Mapping & Improvement, Organizational Design, Cost Reductions, Facilities, Human Resources, Change Management, Risk Management, Safety, Compliance, Workplace Security, LEAN Methodologies

Supply Chain Management

Sourcing, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Warehousing, Transportation, Logistics


Productivity Tools, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eCommerce, Social Media


Financial Analysis, Budgeting & Forecasting, Cash Flow Management, Tax Credits

Sales & Marketing

Market Positioning, Branding, Social Media, Public Relations, Business Development, Customer Satisfaction

Many small business owners find that the demands of running their business can be overwhelming. Often, this is because the entrepreneur is the one managing every aspect of the business.

The truth is, in many small businesses, the owner IS the business.

Customers and vendors all ask for the owner when they call and employees bring everything to the boss first. As a result, it’s very difficult to focus on the strategic factors required to grow your business. You can’t work on the big things when your day is consumed with “making the trains run on time”.

I can help you create an organizational structure which will enable you to take a step back and let the business run itself.

Whether it’s helping you create a business plan, streamlining your operations or implementing a technology solution, I can help you create a measurable impact on your organization. Let me put my many years of experience to work for you. Together, we can find the right solutions to your most pressing problems.

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Feeling Overwhelmed? A Fractional COO can help.

Fractional COO Services

Many growing businesses have reached the stage where additional executive leadership is required but the economics are challenging. A Fractional COO can bridge the gap and provide the resource you need to continue growing your business without committing to a full-time employee.

I provide an affordable solution to small business owners that are not yet ready to invest in a full-time Chief Operating Officer.

Learn more about Fractional COO services.

Special Projects

Typically, I work with small and medium sized businesses that are growing into new challenges and need to find more scalable methods of doing business. However, I am available for any needs that you may have.

My small business consulting services are tailored to your specific requirements. I provide a broad range of assistance from recommending, implementing and managing projects all the way to simple advisory services.

My mission is to assist you in improving your organization.

Please contact me to see how I can help.