We Should Start Calling This law SCOTUScare

While I admit that I’m a bit stunned, I’m not the least bit surprised by this morning’s Supreme Court opinion in King v. Burwell. It’s become so common for SCOTUS to justify allowing Congress to do whatever it pleases that the fact that they consistently ignore the Constitution they are … Continue reading

Incriminating Banks for Compliance

Attorney General Holder apparently intends on riding the populism train as far as it will take him to punish the banks that defrauded the American public. Perhaps he can explain how complying with Federal banking laws constitutes mortgage fraud. Continue reading

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Rehearses for Farnborough Air Show [Video]

Boeing’s flight test crew rehearses the 787-9 Dreamliner’s air performance for the 2014 Farnborough air show. Continue reading

Living Vicariously: Vans RV-12 SLSA

First introduced in October 2012, the RV-12 Special Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) is the first “ready to fly” product offered by Vans Aircraft. Continue reading

2014 Planes of Fame Air Show Preview

This weekend is the annual air show at Chino Airport (KCNO) in sunny Southern California. Mooney International Corporation is sponsoring the Planes of Fame Air Show 2014, “A Salute to the Mighty Eighth”. Of course, I couldn’t resist heading out the the airport today to see the static displays and … Continue reading

The General Welfare Clause

The General Welfare Clause of the Constitution has been the source of much debate over the years as it relates to the legal authority of the Federal Government. Broad interpretation of the clause has been used for decades to justify Constitutional authority for Federal spending, regulation, departments and programs.

Two of My Favorite Things

I know it’s old news, but I ran across this the other day and thought I’d share. I love both aviation and Iron Maiden, so finding the two combined just makes me absolutely giddy.

The Folly of Peak Oil

With escalating oil prices there has been much discussion about whether or not we should do more to produce our own oil instead of relying on foreign supplies. As part of that discussion, the concept of peak oil comes up regularly.

What People Don’t Understand About Trade

I’m constantly amazed by events in this country. Almost on a daily basis, I see or read about people that have an enormous amount of passion about a particular issue, yet at the same time, are woefully uninformed. Today’s amazement comes at the perception of foreign trade, how it impacts American jobs and the solutions being proposed to address the issue.