Random Acts Of Kindness

In the world we live in today, it sometimes takes little things to make us realize how desensitized we are. We’re so used to people treating others with so little, if any, respect, that rudeness and even hatred don’t even seem to phase us. This is especially true if you follow politics. If you want to see pure, unadulterated hatred, just tune in to any of the major networks and listen when they talk about the Tea Party, Sarah Palin […]

New Site Layout, At Long Last

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to updating my site. I’ve been putting it off for quite some time (just as I’ve been putting off getting on the social media bandwagon) but I figure that now is as good a time as any. And yes, I did start doing the social media thing, as is evidenced by the cute little icons at the top of the page. With the basic theme in place I just have to figure out what I […]